Exemplification and wife Erin McNaught and her boyfriend split up after their relationship came to a ‘natural end.’

After 11 years of marriage, musician Example and his wife Erin McNaught have decided to divorce.

Their romance has “came to a natural end,” they wrote in a joint Instagram post.

We broke up towards the beginning of the summer in the UK. We’ve enjoyed a fantastic eleven years together, but we’ve had a few too many adventures,” they remarked.

We spent a lot of time apart trying to work things out, but in the end we concluded that our time together had just run its course.

Example whose real name is Elliot John Gleave, – and McNaught, both 40, married in 2013, and they have two sons, Evander, 7, and Ennio, 5.

They released a joint statement saying, “Our boys are surrounded with love” and that they have been “co-parenting happily and effectively for almost half a year.”

Gleave’s “busy summer schedule” necessitated that McNaught, an Australian model and winner of the Miss Australia beauty pageant, bring the couple’s children to London for four weeks so that he “wouldn’t have to go months” without seeing them.

They commented, “We had a wonderful family vacation, and we look forward to many in the future.”

The parents explained that they “need to devote so much time [to] our well-being and most crucially that of our children” and hence requested some space and privacy.

It’s still Elliot and Erin, the same as always, if you happen to see us out and about together, they said. Despite our busy schedules, our favourite way to spend time together is to go rock climbing, jogging, to the movies, park hopping with the kids, or out for coffee.

A more cordial agreement would be hard to find than this one. There seems to be no one to place the blame on. We’re relieved to have come to the proper conclusion, and we ask that others do the same.

Gleave wrote an emotional Instagram post celebrating his wife of ten years, calling her his “life partner.”

He thanked mom for being the “most twisted sense of humour, ageing backwards, and teaching me something new each and every day” behind the birth of his children and his own existence.

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