Alex Scott admits she was ‘deeply in love’ with Kelly Smith, a teammate.

Alex Scott, a former Lioness, has spoken up about her “madly and completely in love” with Kelly Smith, a teammate when they were both young.

In her new memoir How (Not) To Be Strong, the footballer-turned-sports-presenter detailed the relationship and the anguish she faced after their breakup.

Scott told The Mirror at her London book launch that she considered omitting the connection because she thought it would be “cheating,” but ultimately decided against it.

I debated writing the chapter several times. A turning point occurred when Scott realised, “I’m writing this book and I want to share everything.”

Since I didn’t want to shortchange anyone, I included that. And just as in the classic first-love tale, I was instantly and hopelessly smitten.

During their tenure with the Gunners, Alex Scott and Kelly Smith

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And yeah, there is that heartbreak and those things, but they are a significant part of my life and I wouldn’t alter it if I could.

Because “it has to be in there” to convey “that sense of love and that enthusiasm and what it brings you.”

In 2016, Smith tied the knot with DeAnna Dobosz. The couple now raises two little ones.

Scott told The Times earlier this week that she is currently unmarried and that she has trouble “asking for help” in relationships.

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Scott added, “I’ve always had this voice in my brain screaming that I can do it alone.”

For some time now, I’ve been single, and I believe that’s because I needed to be. Some of the habits in my personal relationships were obviously unhealthy.

But she also sent off hints that she is interested in meeting new people and forming new relationships.

Scott said, “I understand myself more today.” I had built up these barriers in the past to shield myself and the people close to me from harm. I’m prepared to disappoint everyone now. It’s time for me to be loved.

On Thursday, September 29th, How (Not) To Be Strong will be available.

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