A database called ‘Bad Ex-Boyfriends’ allows women to rate men they’ve dated.

A woman in the United States has made what she terms a “Tripadvisor for exes,” a database where women can vent about their negative experiences with males they have dated.

Tracy Tegan’s “Ex-boyfriend List” encourages women to share their experiences with cheaters, disrespectful boyfriends, and even abusive ones.

Everyone has a jerk of an ex they wish they could warn the world about, and now they can. You can add bad guys to your personal database, or “bad boyfriend list,” as the site puts it.

Women are encouraged to leave detailed accounts of their breakups, along with the ex-full boyfriend’s name, current city, and state.

However, there are stringent instructions not to disclose any private information, such as the man’s home phone number, address, place of employment, or family data.

Tegan proclaimed, “This is a safe haven for all the ladies who were blissfully in love with a man who didn’t put in enough and exploited them in ways they didn’t even know they were capable of being used for.”

Our system allows you to expose the truth about him and potentially save lives.

Tegan also suggests that women who have suspicions about a potential boyfriend check him out on the site.

She advised, “Look him up, and if there’s nothing, then count yourself lucky.” But if you do find something that could be connected to him, you’ll know your suspicions were well founded.

A former girlfriend said that her ex-boyfriend was a “selfish womaniser” on the website.

You will not be his one and only. As a resource, he draws upon you. She continued, “He always lies, and because of his lies, you feel like you’re going insane.

A second person said that her former partner had stolen all of her money.

Says he has his own company but is rarely seen in the office. She explained, “While I was sleeping, he photographed my debit card and used it online for over a year before I realised it.

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