US doctor willfully breaks law to perform abortion in Texas

An American gynecologist said this weekend that he had violated Texas’ new abortion law. By exposing himself to legal proceedings, he wants to test the constitutionality of this text before the courts.

He went against the law to meet “his duty of care” to his patient by performing an abortion. This is the story of Alan Braid, a doctor who has practiced for 45 years in Texas.

In this conservative state of North America, abortion is prohibited once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected. Thus, even in cases of rape or incest, abortions cannot be performed beyond six weeks of pregnancy. This is a new law that has applied in Texas since September 1.

And yet, a column published by the Washington Post reveals the story of a voluntary termination of pregnancy performed on a woman who “was beyond the new limit set by the state” on September 6, 2021. The doctor, Alan Braid explains that he acted in accordance with his “duty of care” towards his patient, and out of respect for “his fundamental right” to be cared for.

“A clearly unconstitutional law”

“I know very well that there could be legal consequences, but I want to be sure that the bet of Texas, which seeks to avoid the examination of its clearly unconstitutional law , does not work”, explains the doctor.

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