Dr Gérald Kierzek: “As long as we do not have absolute proof that we cannot carry the virus, we must take the minimum of precaution”

Since Monday, US health authorities have allowed all vaccinated people to meet in closed places, without a mask and without physical distancing. Is it dangerous? Would this be a way out of this health crisis?

In the United States, people vaccinated against the coronavirus can meet without a mask and without physical distancing. “Good news”. But Dr Gérald Kierzek calls for caution: “In a closed place yes, but not with people who come from outside”. “If you have neighbors and grandchildren coming, you have to either go outside or take the masks. It has to stay with a relatively limited number of people.”

“It’s a little more freedom, but also the precaution, it is well specified that this vaccine, we do not know if it is an effective protection to avoid the transmission. As long as we do not have the proof absolute that we can not carry the virus, therefore, we can not infect other people, it is still necessary to take the minimum of precaution, “he adds.

In France, the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency has asked all hospitals and clinics to deprogram 40% of surgical interventions. How did we get here ? “For lack of beds”, according to our health consultant, stressing that “the situation is not catastrophic”. “We are not on a tidal wave, we are on a high plateau which is rising quietly”. “100 intensive care beds for 1.6 million inhabitants is very little. And each winter, it fills up very quickly,” he concludes.

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