The Best Deals From Urban Outfitters’ Black Friday Sale

The trend lords are slashing prices on men’s and women’s clothing, apartment wares, and more—here’s what to grab while you can.

Ahoy! We spot you bobbin’ in the distance on an ocean of the best Black Friday deals, marooned and overwhelmed, trying to decide WTF to spend your cockles on when everything is so damn cheap. How are you supposed to decide whether to get a Brutalist espresso machine or a new set of tie-dyed sweats? The biggest flat-screen TV that money can buy, or an entire garage-fridge worth of lychee seltzer? Ack! [Turns into Cathy comic.]

Stop. Breathe. Focus on one site—in this case, let’s say Urban Outfitters, since to our surprise, we’ve never outgrown its cornucopia of newfangled products that feel designed specifically for our kid-who-wore-weird-necklaces-in-high-school-and-then-ended-up-with-a-fairly-cool-job-as-an-adult sensibilities. Like, how can we resist when they have such a superb selection of denim, affordable but eye-catching apartment paraphernalia, and psychedelic sherpa jackets?

So, ye olde Urban Outfitters is having a big Black Friday sale, with 25% off sitewide—yep, on all categories, including perfectly distressed sweatshirts, vibey rattan furniture, and crazy printed pants. We’ll be your captain, if you’re looking for a little guidance on where to start perusing.

Here are our top picks from Urban Outfitters’ mega sale.

  • The perfect cords

They’re the super solid basic that will get you through winter looking perfect with all your band tees, button-ups, and sweatshirts. Jordan Catalano vibes.

  • The psychedelic sherpas of our dreams

We don’t know who the Sherpa Boss is over at UO right now, but please give them a raise.

  • A shroomy bathmat

Speaking of psychedelia, this is a killer gift for goomers, and a subtle home decor nod to the time you saw god in Joshua Tree.

  • Fancy Lucite Jenga

Flashy looks, same satisfaction when your friend screws up and it all tumbles down.

  • An overshirt in the best weave, which is waffle weave obviously

Looks like a perfect plaid flannel, feels like an expensive hotel robe.

  • The first step in your fledgling DJ career

Start learning how to DJ now, and when mashups come back into vogue in 2024, you’ll be more than ready.

  • Floral bedding that looks modern and cool instead of WASPy

Damn if we don’t love a duvet set that says “I have taste, and am willing to take aesthetic risks that pay off” but will still hide our stains from sexy time and snacking in bed.

  • Stupid-dreamy tortoiseshell cocktail glasses

After a wonderfully romantic dinner at the Times Square Dave & Buster’s, your Tinder/Hinge/Grindr/Feeld date invites you up to their studio apartment in an industrial-chic loft building, and you enthusiastically oblige. They serve you a Manhattan in this ridiculously attractive glass… Excuse me? Marry them???

  • Garfield is having a moment

Well, when is Garfield not having a moment? This is the perfect lamp to chill by your living room sofa and be your body while you judge everything on Netflix.

  • The comfiest sweatpants

… According to an editor who is currently wearing them and can speak from experience. That editor might also add that you get a weirdly high number of compliments when you wear these in public. Get the matching set and kick back in front of the deli.

  • A Cobain-y cardi

Because dude was a fashion icon but they now sell Nirvana shirts at Forever21, choose your homage wisely.

  • Better than a boring black puffer

Keeps you just as warm, but has a sick workwear look with way more panache.

  • A mood-boosting lamp that doubles as a plant stand

We love its Japandi energy, as well as the fact that it will be a happy perch for our ZZ plants.

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