Young Thug releases second album “PUNK”

Young Thug has released their highly anticipated second album PUNK . On 300 Entertainment and Young Stoner Life Records, the project is the rapper’s second major release in 2021, after Slime Langue 2 .

The 20-track LP packs a range of major features, with bars from Gunna, J. Cole, Future, Drake, Travis Scott, Doja Cat, Nate Ruess and more. The project also includes appearances by the late Mac Miller and Juice WRLD.

The Atlanta rapper began releasing the album last summer, performing four of the NPR Concert Tiny Desk tracks (at home) with a full-length rock band.

Last Wednesday, October 13, Thug threw a party to celebrate the upcoming release where he smashed a brand new Rolls-Royce alongside Gunna and Metro Boomin. The crew spray painted the word “Punk” on the sides of the car and smashed its windshield.

Two years after announcing the title, the Atlanta rapper finally releases his highly-anticipated sophomore album. On his most personal project yet, Thugger pulls in heavy-hitters like J. Cole, Doja Cat, and Future.

Drake and Travis Scott team up on “Bubbly,” while Post Malone and A$AP Rocky join forces on “Livin It Up.” The 20 tracks also include appearances from the late Mac Miller and Juice WRLD, plus Gunna and fun.’s Nate Ruess.

Thug takes a more serious and “storytelling” approach on the follow-up to his 2019 debut So Much Fun. “The whole album is just focused on one point,” he told Complex. “It will surprise some people that I am speaking on what the youth is speaking on. I always had that mindset, like, ‘I’m not rapping about what everybody else is rapping about.’ No matter what is popping. But this time, it was just like, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it.’ Just to show ni**as I can do it.’ This sh*t is easy.”

This is the main release of American rap this Friday, October 15, and the least we can say is that it promises very big bangers. Young Thug indeed unveiled a few hours ago his brand new album, Punk, which happens more than 2 years later So Much Fun. Much less omnipresent and over-productive musically than it was some time ago, Thugga took the opportunity to record and sort through the tracks at his disposal, while bringing together many headliners of US rap today. ‘hui. Among the 20 titles he has chosen to offer, we find Drake and Travis Scott (together on the same track!), J. Cole, A $ AP Rocky, Post Malone, Gunna, Doja Cat and the late Juice WRLD and Mac Miller.

Rapper Young Thug uploaded his new album this Friday, October 15, as he had announced for a few months. The tracklist is already available on the various streaming platforms.

” Punk ” has 20 tracks

” Punk ” that was long awaited by the public is finally here. This Friday, October 15, the album was posted on the various streaming platforms. However, it should be noted that fans believed the tracklist would never be available.

Usually, New Music Friday releases on spotify are at 9 p.m. PT. While fans of the Georgian rapper waiting for him at that time, the latter released his album finally at 12 a.m. Pacific time.

If the wait has been relatively long, even giving rise to rumors of a ” Donda ” bis, the fans are now satisfied with their wait.

‘Punk’ ‘contains 20 tracks and many collaborations that encourage you to discover the latest King Slime recording.

Many appearances on Punk including Drake and Travis Scott

The Atlanta native’s latest work came with a bunch of titles and collaborations. Thus, of the 20 songs that make up this release, 11 are the result of a collaboration with other rappers.

Thus, we note the presence of Gunna, Thug’s alter ego, on the track ” Recognize Rea “; from A $ AP Rocky & Post Malon on ” Livin It Up “; or BSlime & Future on ” Peepin Out The Window ”.

But, the collaboration which progresses the most in term of streaming on the various platforms remains that with Drake & Travis Scott on ” Bubbly “. Note that Drake and Thug in addition to Future worked together on “ Way 2 Sexy ”, a hit on the Canadian rapper’s “ CLB ” album .

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