United States: rapper Akon victim of carjacking at a gas station

SEEN IN THE PRESS – Atlanta Police are searching for a suspect who stole the star’s Range Rover on the evening of May 25.

Atlanta police are looking for a suspect who stole rapper Akon’s car on the evening of May 25 in Atlanta. As reported by the American chain  Fox5 Atlanta , Akon had his Range Rover car-jacked at a Buckhead gas station, while he was refueling.

The theft occurred “shortly after midnight” on the evening of May 25, police forces at  Fox5 Atlanta said . “It takes a second to get into a vehicle and drive off,” said Captain Graham of the Atlanta Police Force. The vehicle was then recovered in Forest Park, approximately 16 minutes from the location of the theft, in Georgia , using the “Find My Iphone” application. The police have also called for witnesses to try to get more information on the identity of the suspect.

The theft took place the day after a decision by Atlanta City Councilor Natalyn Archibong, who wants to force gas stations  in the city to be equipped with security cameras near gas pumps to deter thieves. automobiles. Akon was not injured during the flight and has not yet communicated on the matter.

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