United States: Alex Harvill kills himself while trying to break world record in motorcycle jumping

American Alex Harvill, 28, was performing a preparation jump from a springboard and fell too short, slamming violently into the landing ramp.

American rider Alex Harvill died at the age of 28 in an accident on Thursday, June 17 while training to break the world record for the longest motorcycle jump in Washington State, in northwest of the country, local authorities said.

The rider was performing a preparation jump from a springboard and fell too short, hitting the landing ramp violently . According to local media reports, Alex Harvill was thrown over his handlebars in shock, finishing his run several yards away.

He did not survive his injuries, the county medical examiner said in a statement. Alex Harvill was due to set off shortly thereafter for a 107-meter-long jump in front of spectators at an airshow in the town of Moses Lake. 

A professional motocross rider, the young man himself held a world motorcycle jumping record set in 2013,  having climbed 90.69 meters from one dirt ramp to another , according to the Guinness World Records. 

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