New York: Young Woman Discovers Abandoned Apartment Behind Bathroom Mirror

Samantha Hartsoe has unveiled on the social network TikTok four videos of her find, which have gone viral.

She searched in vain for the source of this draft of fresh air sweeping through her bathroom. And it was finally by unhooking the mirror that sat above her sink that Samantha Hartsoe discovered a gaping hole leading to a mysterious room.

The young woman recounted her incredible experience on the TikTok social network through four videos spotted by the American channel NBC . We see her, equipped with a hammer and a headlamp, going to explore this dark room which actually leads to a large apartment, half furnished and littered with cardboard boxes and garbage cans.

After taking a quick tour of the premises and making sure that the apartment was unoccupied – probably under construction – Samantha Hartsoe closed the front door from the inside as a precaution and then returned home through her bathroom, under the surprised gaze of several friends. She told NBC that she decided to cement the hole in her wall to prevent someone from breaking into her home.

His series of videos, called A New York City Mystery, has truly fascinated Internet users and has to date accumulated more than 20 million views.

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