Mariah Carey sued by brother over autobiography

The diva is criticized by her brother, Morgan Carey, for defamatory remarks in her memoirs, which caused “serious damage” to her reputation.

The tension is high between Mariah Carey and part of her family. Indeed, the diva already in legal conflict with her sister Alison , finds herself this time pursued by her brother Morgan. At the heart of these bickering, the content of the singer’s autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, released in September. 

According to  USA Today , relayed by  20 Minutes , Morgan Carey has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of New York to contest certain facts reported by his sister in the book. He points to “false and defamatory” remarks . The latter allegedly, according to the content of the complaint, “caused serious damage” to his reputation and to his personal and professional affairs. 

Mariah Carey’s brother made it clear that he did not wish to claim damages, his goal being to set the record straight and “undo the damage” . The lawsuit also targets Michaela Angela Davis, co-author of the book, publisher Macmillan Publishing Group, and a third person involved in editing The Meaning of Mariah Carey .

“His attempt to falsely characterize the plaintiff as being as violent as his father, and his subsequent comments about the police’s dealings with black people were only the beginning of Mariah Carey’s desperate attempt to defame the plaintiff , to play the victim’s card and curry favor with the Black Lives Matter movement, ”it describes in the complaint.

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