India Royale Ends Cheating Rumors About Lil Durk

India Royale probably didn’t even need to acknowledge the latest rumors accusing Lil Durk of cheating. Seems like every two weeks there’s a new Lil Durk accused of cheating on the rumor, but this time the rapper was all the rage on Twitter and for some reason the rumors coincided with the Instagram turning off of Durk AND the apparent removal of the couple’s images from Indian social media. But with a simple post from Lil Durk and India Royale kissing, the influencer helped silence the rumors.

Shortly after India’s post, Lil Durk returned to Instagram and shared the same photo with a different caption:

No word on why her Instagram was turned off for a short time, or why India archived their photos together, but the couple just celebrated Durk’s birthday a few days ago. The internet was in love and Lil Durk and India Royale were the couple’s goals. Hopefully these posts will help them get back to it.

So apparently a blog posted images, in an attempt to make a connection. Apparently, a trans woman who accused Durk of cheating on her months ago shared an image in a hallway. The blog accused Durk of posting the same photo on his own IG before deleting his Instagram minutes later … apparently realizing his mistake over the connection.

The images were incredibly blurry and the story didn’t seem to add up, but Twitter will make you lie if you allow it. Here is an overview of the images that were in fashion …

Lil Durk was caught cheating with trans women after posting an IG photo. 📸 Currently he deleted his Instagram 😱

This is the second time this week that a celebrity has been accused of playing with a trans woman, the first being Darius McCray, aka Eddie Winslow of Family Matters. Both times, Twitter helped the rumors grow like wildfire before they were denied.

Lil Durk and India have been together for almost 4 years now. The couple share a daughter, Willow, who just turned 3 this month. Lil Durk has 6 children in total.

Durk and India met in March 2017 and their relationship became official at the end of the same year.

Lil Durk and India Royale recently sparked breakup rumors after the former was accused of allegedly cheating on his longtime partner with a transgender woman. Cheating rumors surfaced after pictures of the rapper with the unidentified person.

Images posted by an Instagram user showed a man walking behind a transgender lady in a hallway. People were quick to speculate that the man in the picture was Lil Durk as his clothes resembled that of the rapper from another photo he posted on his own Instagram.

However, it was hard to confirm his identity due to the blurry and unclear nature of the photographs. Rumors further intensified when the Laugh Now Cry Later singer deleted his Instagram account following the controversy.

Several social media users also claimed that India Royale removed all pictures of the couple from her Instagram after the cheating drama went viral. Surprisingly, the influencer soon shot down the rumors by posting a loved-up picture with her beau.

She also hinted that the couple is still going strong with the caption, “Play Dangerously in Love.” Meanwhile, Lil Durk also made a comeback on Instagram, posting the same picture as his girlfriend. He even attempted to refute the allegations writing, “y’all know damn well.

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