Alyssa Milano, candidate for the US Congress in 2024?

The actress, backing Joe Biden, plans to oppose Republican elected official Tom McClintock in California’s 4th District.

Will Alyssa Milano enter the political scene? When questioned by the news website The Hill on Tuesday, 8 June, the actress told to consider a possible candidacy for the elections Congress of the United States in 2024. In his sights: the 4th District of California (where she lives), represented since 2008 by Republican Tom McClintock.

An elected official whose opinions, especially on immigration, contrast with those of the interpreter of Phoebe Halliwell in the series “Charmed”, support of Joe Biden , activist for the cause of minorities or for the control of firearms on the territory, but also at the origin of the “MeToo” movement .

“I share my time between Truckee and Bell Canyon, a stronghold of the Republicans in the 4th district,” she explained to the American site . She had already hinted last May that she could face Tom McClintock. In question? The bill against hate crimes against Asian Americans, passed by Congress and which 63 Republicans, including the main concerned, had opposed.

“Congressman McClintock was one of 63 Republicans who opposed the Asian hate crime bill. He’s my representative. Should I stand in front of him? ”She tweeted at the time. 

Hesitant, Alyssa Milano could wait for the “midterms” of 2022 (midterm elections during which a large part of Congress will be renewed) before making her decision. But she is hopeful, convinced that her fame could be an advantage for a duel against the Republican. “It’s going to take someone with, I think, a recognized name and the funds to be able to run against McClintock,” she told The Hill . 

However, a reconversion in the policy will not be done without sacrifice for that which was revealed in the eyes of the general public in the series “Madame est served”. Indeed, Alyssa Milano, currently at the head of a podcast “Sorry Not Sorry” which addresses social, political and cultural problems, is aware that she will not be able to carry out two activities at the same time. “It will really be a question of timing,” she concluded.  

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