Adele: Her New Album “30” Will Be Released On November 19

Several clues announced since the beginning of the month a new album. Adele confirmed the news. The star will release her fourth album “30” on November 19.

It is through a mysterious site launched in early October and its social networks, that the 33-year-old artist has formalized the release of “30”, six years after “25”. 

“I’m ready to finally release this album” wrote the interpreter of Hello. In a long message, she returned to the process of creating this fourth opus, written at a turbulent period in her life. The artist who voluntarily says he loves “routine” for the “security” it provides, yet explains that he “voluntarily threw himself into a labyrinth of absolute disorder and internal disturbances!”. 

“30”: The Reconstruction Album

The singer, who separated after seven years of living together with her companion Simon Konecki, in April 2019, with whom she has a little boy, drew on her torments to write. “30” is the result.

“I was certainly far from what I had hoped to be when I started almost three years ago” notes the artist who has done a real job on herself.

“I have learned a lot of terrible truths about myself along the way. I lost many diapers but also wrapped myself in new ones. I discovered genuinely useful and healthy mentalities, and I have the impression of having finally found my feelings ”continues the singer, who also seems to have found serenity. “I would go so far as to say that I have never felt so peaceful in my life.”  

Adèle was thus nourished by this work of introspection and its painful wounds – “I had become so consumed by my own sorrow” notes the artist. From then on, she signs an opus that has everything of the renaissance album. “Since then, I have painstakingly rebuilt my home and my heart and this album tells it” concludes the star, who recently formalized her relationship with Rich Paul, sports agent for LeBron James. 

While waiting for the release of the album, the first single “Easy on me” will be available tomorrow, Friday October 15th. 

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