Photo Weekly: heatwave in the United States and birth of a baby gorilla in Gabon

Each week, France Televisions offers you a tour of the news of the week in photographs. Friday July 2, it is about the demonstrations in Colombia or the centenary of the Communist Party in China.

In a park in Washington, United States, it was over 40 ° C this week. A photograph shows children playing in a waterfall to cool off. Then direction Colombia, where a statue of Christopher Columbus has been unbolted. Demonstrators have been in the streets for two months. Dozens of people have died, according to government organizations.

100 years of communism in China

In Beijing, China, the Communist regime celebrates its 100th anniversary . Behind the orderly dances   and the smiles, it is a real show of force that the Chinese power has offered. In Gabon, a pair of captive-born gorillas gave birth to a baby in the wild. Mayombé, the female, never leaves her young. In Iraq, a photograph shows young people diving in front of the setting sun.

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