United States: almost no more deaths from covid among millions of vaccinated

With more than half of the population fully vaccinated, the United States has become a laboratory for coronavirus vaccination. However, the new data are particularly encouraging.

Real-life observations continue to show promise. While the Pfizer laboratory ensured that its vaccine protected 100% against deaths linked to the coronavirus, the figures coming to us from the United States now tend to prove it. According to data from health authorities, published this Thursday, June 24 by the Associated Press, almost all of the people who died from the coronavirus last month were not vaccinated.

A stunning demonstration of the effectiveness of vaccines

In the United States, just under half (45%) of Americans eligible for vaccination have been fully immunized, according to government data up to June 24. However, the share of this population in the country’s hospital services, and among deaths, has become almost zero. The Associated Press has thus collected government figures on the serious forms of Covid-19 observed in the country for the month of May. Based on these data, the American agency noted that among the 853,000 people hospitalized because of the coronavirus the least late, “less than 1200”were vaccinated. This is only 0.1% of the total. Ditto for deaths. Only 150 of the more than 18,000 deaths linked to the pandemic were in immunized patients. Or 0.8% of the total. If the exact impact of vaccination against transmissions and contaminations has yet to be quantified – the data on new contaminations in Israel are proof of this – the Pfizer vaccine therefore effectively fights against serious forms and deaths. 

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