United States: a “time capsule” to convey the memory of the pandemic

Documentaries are preparing a capsule full of archives to pass on to the next century what you need to know about the pandemic.

Gather elements on the management of the pandemic across the planet, for the use of future generations, who will suddenly be able to see all that has been done well, and what has been rather poorly managed. This is the idea of ​​several librarians in the suburbs of Washington.

They set up a “time capsule” as it is called in English. In the last century, it was a small chest, in which we put newspapers, coins, testimonies of the time, that we locked up and even sometimes that we buried, and that, a few generations later, we discovered .

There, 30 million digitized documents, coming from 9,000 different sources , will be kept at the National Library of Medicine. It is both a souvenir album and a collection of warnings.
This is evidence gathered from around the world, given the global scale of the pandemic. It would even appear that France and China are in the process of putting together their own similar documentation.

Get inspired and improve the strategies put in place

On the positive side, there will be mainly marks and deeply human testimonies:  the selfies of this London nurse , at the very beginning of the first confinement, tired and with the marks of the mask after a 9-hour guard to watch over  patients with Covid -19 , workers at a vodka distillery in Maryland who set out to make hydroalcoholic gel, lots of individual little stories were put together to show human resilience. From all of us.

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