True or fake: what do “Fauci Leaks” really contain?

3,200 pages of emails from  immunologist Anthony Fauci, the  senior US health official, who managed the Covid-19 crisis,  were published by online media BuzzFeed. But contrary to what we can read on social networks, Fauci’s exchanges do not bring anything new on the Covid-19 and its management.

Is hydroxychloroquine effective against Covid-19 and unnecessary masks ? This is what certain emails sent by immunologist Anthony Fauci would reveal according to many Internet users. So who is he? He is the highest American health official, who managed the Covid-19 crisis, and has often disagreed with Donald Trump. But about the “Fauci Leaks”, it is not a question of a leak, because thanks to an American law on freedom of information, the American media like CNN had the right to access the doctor’s emails. The online media BuzzFeed has chosen to publish the 3,200 pages of exchanges from January to June 2020. 

A position on the mask that has changed over the course of the research

If the subject of hydroxychloroquine has been addressed in emails, no message yet recognizes its effectiveness. In an email of March 25, 2020, Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the French scientific council, said that the data of Professor Didier Raoult are not really convincing, and Fauci replies that he would also like to do clinical trials to decide . On the mask which would be useless, Fauci explains in an email that the mask is mainly used for infected people to prevent them from spreading the infection to uninfected people. But this message is not surprising: the position of scientists on the subject has changed as research on Covid-19 has progressed. Ultimately, Anthony Fauci’s messages do not teach us anything new about the epidemic and its management, contrary to what we can say about social networks.

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