In the spotlight: the G7 launches a global vaccination campaign against Covid-19

This is the big issue on the agenda today in Cornwall, where the summit of the leaders of the rich countries opens, ”  the leaders of the G7 pledge to provide 1 billion doses of vaccine to the countries most poor  ”, headlines the Financial Times which underlines that this“  initiative is a response to the criticisms according to which the rich nations monopolized the major part of the doses of vaccines  ”.

”  This is a historic step in the fight against the pandemic  “, argues for its part the Japan Times which thus uses the words of President Biden, the Japanese daily which details ”  the 500 million doses promised by the United States to which In addition 100 million offered by the United Kingdom  ”, the other G7 countries should complete this offer to reach one billion doses“ and thus cover 80% of the world’s adult population  ”. In any case, this is the objective.

Vaccine generosity still insufficient

For humanitarian organizations and human rights defenders ”  the account is not there  “, explains the Guardian, which points out that this billion doses is welcome, but ”  does not respond to the structural problems facing them. low-income countries to ensure a steady supply of vaccine  ”, according to these organizations, at least“  11 billion vaccines  ”to meet the needs. The British daily which also highlights that, according to the WHO, ”  only 2% of Africans have received a dose, out of a population of 1.3 billion  ” and this, adds the New York Times “ while some rich nations have already vaccinated the majority of their population  ”.

An observation shared by the Washington Post  which explains ”  American aid and the 500 million doses promised  ” is ”  a sign of much needed empathy for the millions of people threatened by the pandemic  “, but that it is also ”  a important deposit paid by Biden, explains the Post to restore American leadership in a world that doubts  .

A first extraordinary summit, face-to-face since the pandemic

”  An extraordinary summit in many ways  “, explains the Guardian which reveals the ”  drastic sanitary rules  “, which must be observed over the next three days. In particular the obligation for all, – says the daily ”  from the smallest civil servant to the Heads of State to pass daily screening tests for Covid-19, to wear masks in meetings or even not to be more than 6 to table for meals  “… A real concern for a summit at 7 but the Cabinet Office is formal, says the Guardian ”  the rules will be followed  .

At the table, where the British hosts will serve their guests ”  the best of their gastronomy  “, writes The Age , the Australian daily which details ”  scallops of grilled sirloin and lobsters with caramelized leeks  “, for dinner. Saturday with also roasted marshmallows over a campfire on Carbis Bay beach. All washed down with “  Australian Shiraz  ”, boasts The Age , which emphasizes that this is also an act of political solidarity against China which has banned Australian wines.

In Japan, the government corrects the shooting of journalists

A news which had caused some stir among the foreign delegations, the Japanese government thus had to clarify its thought ”  the journalists, the athletes and the foreign officials will be well traced the GPS of their phone  “, but ”  not in real time  “, underlines the Japan Times ”  no question of monitoring the comings and goings of foreigners but of retracing their movements retroactively in the event that Covid-19 infections are confirmed  “.

Questions about the state of health of Kim Jong-un

Questions raised by recent photos published by the South Korean news agency Yonhap, where we see a thinned North Korean leader, far from the plump image that we usually know him, explains the Guardian who in l Like many dailies wonder about this weight loss, noting that Kim, 37, is a heavy smoker, that her weight last year flirted with some 140 kilos.

“  Maybe he decided to lose weight to improve his position in the country, which is facing food shortages   “Asks a South Korean media. The Guardian recalls that Kim’s health is a frequent source of speculation, and that he often disappears “  like last spring  ”, before reappearing “  apparently in good health  ”. 

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