Covid-19 vaccine may save a gun in West Virginia

The governor of this state of the United States has announced the establishment of a very special lottery for people who have been vaccinated.

To revive vaccinations, West Virginia is pulling out heavy artillery. Jim Justice, the governor of the state located in the eastern United States announced on Tuesday, June 1 on Twitter the establishment of a lottery for people vaccinated against Covid-19 . Among the grand prizes: $ 1 million , two four-year college scholarships to a state university for 12-25 year olds, five fishing and hunting licenses, two pick-ups, and ten shotguns.

The lottery is due to start on June 20, Father’s Day, and will take place every week until August 4. The strategy is clear: attract the most volunteers to boost the vaccination campaign in West Virginia (only 34% of people fully vaccinated there according to Our World in Data) who, like the rest of the world country, has stagnated for weeks.

It is moreover to try to convince the population to be vaccinated that the lotteries multiply in the United States. Oregon, Maryland, New York, Colorado and even Ohio have also embraced the concept. Concept which has also paid off for the last city, which had involved a million dollars as well as a university scholarship, respectively won by Abbigail Bugensk and Joseph Costello. 

According to the American news agency  Associated Press , more than 2.7 million adults had participated in this first draw to hope to win the jackpot and 104,000 teenagers had applied for the scholarship, thus boosting registrations by 33%. for the Covid vaccine in Ohio.

President Joe Biden wants to reach the threshold of 70% of adults who have received at least a first dose by July 4. The 50% milestone was crossed on May 25.

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