Covid-19: the United States advises against traveling to France

The American authorities on Monday advised their nationals not to travel to France due to an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 in France.

The US State Department advised Americans on Monday August 9 to avoid any travel to France due to the health situation “indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country”.

The authorities have issued  a “level 4: do not travel” advice for France , based on a warning from the centers for disease prevention and control (CDC).

The main US health agency has advised against travel to France and urged anyone traveling there to “be fully vaccinated before traveling.”

The health pass entered into force on Monday in the daily life of the French , as the country faces a fourth wave of Covid-19 cases.

The number of hospitalized patients continues to increase in the country, which has recorded since the start of the pandemic more than 111,000 deaths and 6 million cases.

The number of daily contaminations again stands at around 20,000, however the number of deaths remains low compared to previous peaks of the pandemic.

According to Public Health France, 44,980,791 people have received at least one injection (ie 66.7% of the total population) and 37,514,388 people now have a complete vaccination schedule (ie 55.6% of the total population).

The US State Department has advised Americans to avoid all travel to France over rising coronavirus cases in the country.

France is battling a fourth wave of the virus even though Covid-19 hospitalizations are still way off previous highs.

The State Department issued a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” advisory for France on Monday, based on a parallel warning from the US Centers for Disease Control, the country’s top medical body.

“If you must travel to France, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel,” the CDC said.

France has recorded more than 6 million cases and 111,000 deaths in total, and daily cases have crept back up to around 20,000 a day while deaths remain low compared to the height of the pandemic.

A total of 74 million vaccine doses have been administered in France, according to the World Health Organization, and over 55 percent of the eligible population have received both vaccine doses.

It has also enforced a Covid pass for routine aspects of life.

Anger at President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial plan to squeeze infections and encourage vaccinations has seen large protests recently, though polls have shown that a clear majority of French back the Covid pass, even including the extension this week to cafes and restaurants.

The CDC has been adding to its highest “Level 4: Very High” COVID-19 level as cases spread around the globe. The United States added Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, along with other places, including Aruba and French Polynesia.

The U.S. State Department also issued its parallel Level 4: Do Not Travel” advisories for Iceland and France on Monday.

In July, the CDC had raised concerns about Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, lifting its travel health notice by two levels to “Level 3: High.”

The CDC also hiked alert levels to “Level 3: High” for Austria, Croatia, El Salvador, Azerbaijan, Guam, Kenya and Jamaica. The CDC says unvaccinated travelers should avoid nonessential travel to those countries.

The countries of origin of travelers have been classified by the authorities according to their epidemic situation and are subject to differentiated measures. The lists of countries are subject to change depending on the evolution of their epidemic situation.

France is battling a fourth wave of the virus even though Covid-19 hospitalizations are still way off previous highs.

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