Coronavirus: when can we travel to the United States?

It is now possible for American tourists to come to Europe but for the moment no reciprocity, Europeans cannot indeed go to the United States.

Currently, the US borders are still closed to tourists . No reciprocity while the European Union now accepts vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans to tread its soil . 

To make their choice , the Europeans rely in particular on the  epidemiological situation  of the country. This may include countries that have recorded less than 75 cases of Covid per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days . A rather surprising list when you look closely since, for example, Australian and Japanese tourists can come to France, but the French cannot travel to Japan or Australia because these countries do not issue visas. 

The same goes for the United States. On RTL’s antenna on June 7, European Commissioner  Thierry Breton  asked the US administration for reciprocity in tourism . The only action triggered by Washington is to have made France go from level 4 (not to go there) to level 3 (to avoid going there if possible). Friendly.

The fear of the virus circulating in Europe

If we are to believe the British daily, The independent, the question of tourism was discussed between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden on June 10. According to the British Prime Minister’s office “the two men agree to reopen tourism and will continue to share information that will help stop  the spread of the coronavirus “. 

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