Coronavirus in the United States: vaccines accessible to all Americans by May?

Joe Biden has ordered that anti-Covid vaccines be available to all adult Americans by May 1.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday evening praised the spectacular progress in the anti-Covid vaccination which allows to hope the start of a return to normal in the United States by the national holiday of July 4 . In a speech that has taken turns grave and optimistic, the White House tenant ordered all states to phase out age restrictions so that all adult Americans are eligible for the vaccine by May 1 . 

“It’s much earlier than expected!” , he hammered, evoking a trajectory allowing “a good chance” to have a festive July 4 where the Americans could meet in small groups around the traditional barbecue. “This fight is far from over,” warned  Joe Biden  before saying his belief that “better days” were ahead.

The United States will soon demonstrate that it has “conquered one of the darkest and toughest periods” in its history, he continued. “We have all lost something,” said the US president, referring to the past year. 

“It is the little things in life that are the most important and it is those that we miss”, he added at the moment when, within the European Union, the arrival of a fourth vaccine,  that of Johnson & Johnson , makes it possible to envisage an acceleration of immunization campaigns.

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