Coronavirus in the United States: in Florida, the “spring break” worries the authorities

The traditional early spring celebrations raise fears of a rebound in the epidemic in Miami, where drastic measures have been put in place to limit the risks of spread.

The party is over in Florida, United States. At a time when tens of thousands of young Americans are gathered for the traditional early spring celebrations (the “spring break”), drastic measures have been taken to frame these festivities , which are a disaster in terms of respect for sanitary rules.

This is the whole paradox in the country at the moment:  the vaccination  goes quickly and it is sometimes incompatible with the necessary caution. Indeed, the campaign is in full swing with three million people vaccinated every day , which does not fail to give a feeling of freedom, especially among young people, who are  less vulnerable . 

This “spring break” 2021, therefore, does not fail to raise serious concerns since revelers gather by the thousands during this event, which takes place in  Miami Beach  and Palm Beach, on the peninsula in front of the city of Florida. . Obviously,  the epidemic  and its consequences evaporate at the rate of the glasses of alcohol which explains why  the authorities did not fail to crack down to limit the risks.

Partygoers brave the curfew

In Miami, the city’s mayor declared a state of emergency and imposed  a three-day curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. From the first evening, this measure was not respected at all  and we saw quite impressive images of police officers in riot gear, and even armored vehicles facing revelers in flip-flops and T-shirts.

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