Amazon admits employees must urinate in bottles

Questioned by an elected Democrat, the e-commerce giant admitted that this practice was common among its drivers and recognized that the problem was “old”.

These are revelations that are sure to get people talking. The e-commerce giant Amazon apologized at the weekend to an American elected official for denying the existence of a practice to which its employees are sometimes forced: to urinate in plastic bottles .

“We know that our drivers can and do have problems finding toilets due to traffic or sometimes rural roads, and this was especially the case with  the Covid , when many public toilets were closed, ” said the company in a statement released Friday, April 2.

The controversy began last week, with a tweet from an elected Democrat in the House of Representatives, Mark Pocan . “The fact that you pay your employees $ 15 an hour does not make you a progressive workplace ,” he accused, “when you make your employees urinate in plastic bottles”.

An official Amazon account  then replied directly to the chosen one on the same social network: ” You do not really believe in this story of pee in bottles, anyway? If it were true, no one would work for us. ” 

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