The 10 Most Extraordinary Looks Ever Seen at the Golden Globes

Although it’s not the most prestigious award presentation in Hollywood, the Golden Globes are without a doubt the most entertaining. A celebration of the best in onscreen inventiveness is held annually, and it is attended by celebrities from both television and film. The event is known for its carefree atmosphere, which is enhanced by the free flow of Champagne served throughout the evening. Because of this vitality, the red carpet is revitalized, and celebrities are able to experiment with fashion in ways that they wouldn’t dare try at other, more stuffy events. This allows the red carpet to be an exciting place to be. The attendees of the Oscars may take pleasure in the classic glamour of Old Hollywood, but the Golden Globes are known for being a lively showcase for fashion trendsetters.

It doesn’t matter if Cher showed up to the ceremony in 1984 to accept her award for best supporting actress in Silkwood wearing a teeny-tiny leather miniskirt or Melanie Griffith showed up to the ceremony in 1987 wearing a rainbow sequined gown with short spiky hair; the Golden Globes have always allowed guests to showcase their personalities through their attire. The red-carpet free-for-all has resulted in some eccentric menswear (Johnny Depp going Western in a vintage three-piece tux with then girlfriend Winona Ryder in 1991) and daring skin reveals (Courtney Love leaving little to the imagination in her now-infamous shredded Dior Haute Couture), but it has always felt genuine. The other part of the fun of watching is anticipating the rare high-profile event in which celebrities get to be themselves and dress in outrageous ways. Here is a look back at ten of the most creative, unique, and bizarre dresses that have ever been worn to the Golden Globe Awards.

1970, Ann-Margret

1987, Melanie Griffith

1988, Katharine Ross

1994, Juliette Lewis

1999, Cameron Diaz

2000, Courtney Love

2004, Nicole Kidman

2012, Erin Wasson

2014, Emma Watson

2017, Janelle Monáe

There have been Golden Globe awards given out over the past 79 years. That translates to 79 years of hits, misses, and everything in between on the red carpet. We’ve seen all of the hits—think of Lupita Nyong’o in that red caped Ralph Lauren or Reese Witherspoon in the short yellow strapless Nina Ricci—but what about the bizarre, the crazy, and the risk-taking ones? This is the slide display that was mentioned.

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