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Donald Trump was “lucky” to survive Covid-19, says infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci

HEALTH CRISIS – In an interview with the British daily The Telegraph, Donald Trump’s ex “Mr. Covid-19” ensures that the former president was sicker than he wanted to say.

October 2020. So contaminated by Covid-19, Donald Trump takes off his mask upon his return to the White House. Three days after his hospitalization, the president wears a victorious smile on his face. Everything is cleverly orchestrated: we see him get off the helicopter before greeting the waiting cameras. But behind this staging, Anthony Fauci, adviser to the president on the management of the epidemic, describes a completely different reality. Indeed, the epilogue could have been very different for the American president.

According to the immunologist, the former head of state was sicker than he wanted to say. In an interview with the British daily The Telegraph , Anthony Fauci even believes that Donald Trump was “lucky” to survive Covid-19 given “his weight and his age”.  “He could have had serious problems,” said Anthony Fauci, at the British daily. In the New York Times , the infectious disease specialist also declared a few days ago that the former president had been about to be placed on an artificial respirator. 

This is not the first time that Anthony Fauci has settled his accounts with the former US president describing his disastrous management of Covid-19 in the media. In the Telegraph, he recounts how he watched President Trump actively undermine his own government’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. The epidemiologist remembers the mass gatherings or the mockery aimed at people who wore masks. The president even encouraged his supporters to violate the lockdown.

Also in The Telegraph, Fauci does not hesitate to describe the Trump-era White House as a “super propagator” of Covid-19. The specialist opens up to the journalist explaining that the former president had almost completely abandoned his duty to protect the nation from the pandemic during the last two months of his presidency. “We [scientists] were trying, but we were doing it almost alone, without any direction,” he says. “

Relations between Anthony Fauci and Donald Trump have deteriorated sharply. “My direct influence on him was negligible. It became more confrontational than productive,” he says. Last summer, the former president had indeed denigrated his advisor openly. “Fauci is a disaster. If I listened to him, we would have 500.th000 dead,” he said last October.

Without being able to collaborate with the president, the immunologist explains in the British daily that he continued to work with ex-vice-president Mike Pence “who really did his best to fight the epidemic” while remaining loyal to Trump, who was more concerned about the damage to the country’s economy and consequently his re-election.

Ousted by Donald Trump for his “too alarmist” positions, Anthony Fauci has been reinstated in the administration of the new Democratic President Joe Biden. “We will let science rule. We will be based on data, evidence and science,” he concludes with relief. “We’re going to make mistakes, and when we do, we won’t blame anyone. We’re just going to fix it.”
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