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United States: lunar debate around Joe Biden’s dog, deemed “disgusting”

One of Joe Biden’s two dogs has been deemed unworthy of the presidents of the United States by “experts” at the conservative Newsmax channel.

The American conservative media will make life difficult for Democratic President Joe Biden, and no doubt they will throw themselves into the slightest controversy in order to criticize and discredit the resident of the White House from the opposite camp. And in recent days, the target of the attacks has not been Joe Biden’s social or foreign policy, but rather one of his dogs . 

Great tradition of the presidents of the United States, dogs have always had their place in the residence of the “Potus”. And after 4 years of absence under Donald Trump ,  canines have made a comeback through Major and Champ , the two animals of the Biden. And it was Champ, the eldest German Shepherd of the president’s pair of companions, who was severely criticized. On conservative Newsmax, a debate was staged regarding Joe Biden’s dogs,  Le Point reported  citing TMZ. 

Two “experts”, specializing in presidential history, sifted through the 12-year-old dog, noting its neglected appearance, deeming Champ ugly and even “disgusting” , relay our colleagues. The two guests of the debate cited as examples the dog of Ronald Reagan and that of George Bush Sr.. The two presidents are obviously Republicans. 

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