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Street workout is emerging as an alternative to gyms

Street workout has been very successful since the start of the health crisis. Deprived of gyms, bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts have taken to the streets to train. #IlsOntLaSolution

The street workout, street workout in English is a mixture of bodybuilding and fitness. This discipline from the United States has allowed amateur and professional athletes to continue to maintain their bodies during confinement. Everything takes place outside, in complete freedom and free of charge in open-access parks .

” It’s an alternative that seems obvious to me at the gym because it compensates for a lot of exercises that you can do with weights ” explains Maxime, 20 years old.

Bars allow you to train and build muscle by doing pull-ups. And with a little experience, it is even possible to go even further. After a year of practice, Christophe has become a fan of the discipline. ” I try to learn tricks and it’s more fun “.

More trendy than ever

More fun but also very trendy. Even professionals have opted for this solution, admittedly constrained and forced because of the confinements. But they don’t regret it.

” It’s a nice office and for the students it’s always nice to be out of a closed environment and be able to enjoy the air, the sun and the little birds singing ” enthuses Sherley, sports coach. .

One drawback: the weather

This discipline is indeed particularly appreciated when the weather is good. But otherwise difficult to motivate yourself. And maybe that’s a stroke of luck for the gyms that will reopen on June 9. Customers who have fallen back on street workout during confinement may prefer to find the comfort of the clubs or simply combine the two.

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