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Sexual harassment: the governor of New York apologizes but refuses to resign

Famous New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment by three women last week, after which many Americans demanded his resignation.

Three women accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of acts of sexual harassment last week. Charges for which many Americans are calling for his resignation . But until the investigation into these allegations is completed, the powerful governor refuses to throw in the towel. “I will not resign,” he said on Wednesday March 3.

“I was not elected by politicians, I was elected by the people of New York State, I will not resign,” Andrew Cuomo said   at his first press conference since the scandal began. broke last Wednesday. Faced with calls to resign, including from his  Democratic camp , the governor also considered “never to have done anything in (his) career of which (he) is to be ashamed” and repeated “never to have touched anyone in any way. inappropriate “.

Among the plaintiffs, Lindsey Boylan, a 36-year-old former economic adviser, who claimed that Andrew Cuomo kissed her unsolicited on the mouth and suggested that she play strip poker with him. “ , when she worked with him between 2015 and 2018. On Saturday, another ex-collaborator, Charlotte Bennett, 25, indicated that the governor had made advances to her which had made her” uncomfortable “ in the spring 2020. And on Monday, 33-year-old Anna Ruch, who has never worked with him, claimed he had “shocked” her by wanting to kiss her against her will at a wedding in 2019.

The voice briefly choked, the 63-year-old Democrat, who has ruled  New York state  since 2011, said “deeply apologize” for hurting some women. “I had no idea at the time that I was making anyone uncomfortable. I never meant to offend anyone, hurt anyone, or hurt anyone. I feel horribly wrong that these people were hurt, suffered from these interactions “.

A damaged reputation

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