United States: Cyber ​​attack cripples businesses around the world

A giant cyberattack from the United States is spreading around the world. More than 1,000 companies have already been affected, notably in Sweden.

A curtain closed in the middle of Saturday in Stockholm (Sweden): an unusual situation for this Coop store. We find the same poster plastered on 800 other stores of the chain, also closed: “closed for failure of the computer system”. “This is an exceptional situation that should never have happened, we have to do a full analysis to see how to fix it,” says an employee of the channel. Coop is one of the many victims of  cyberattack that hit US service provider Kaseya. Specializing in the networking of servers, computers and printers, the company has been attacked by ransomware. “It is a hostage-taking of the information system of theFrans Imbert-Vier, director of the company Ubcom.

A source of tension between the United States and Russia

Hackers are often installed in Russia; and it is a matter of tension between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. “I will know more tomorrow, and if it turns out that Russia was aware of this attack, that it is of its doing, I warned Putin that we will respond,” warned the American president. No French company has been affected by this cyberattack yet.

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